Display Case Policy

Adopted December 12, 2005, Amended on December 9, 2009.


The Canal Fulton Public Library display case is a tool by which the Library supports its mission of providing opportunities for seeking knowledge, gathering information, and pursuing creative use of leisure time. The Library seeks assistance from community organizations and individuals in furthering this mission. The display case cannot be used as public presentations by individual candidates or supporters or opponents of a ballet issue. The presence of a particular display in the Library does not necessarily indicate that the Library either advocates or endorses the viewpoints of exhibits or exhibitors.

Conditions for Display

  1. Library-sponsored displays will be given priority in scheduling the display case.
  2. Designated staff shall schedule displays for the display case in compliance with this policy. If the month the patron requests for a display is not available, library staff will notify the patron what months are available to schedule a display.
  3. Individuals and organizations may indicate an interest in developing a display by contacting the Library for an application. This application will be submitted to the Library Director for approval. The Library Director reserves the right to reject an exhibit. Acceptable materials for exhibition/display should be of cultural, educational, or historical importance.
  4. The Library Director shall have the final decision on the arrangement and appropriateness of all exhibits or displays.
  5. Displays must conform to the space restrictions of the assigned areas and be securely affixed to display surfaces. Nails may not be used.
  6. Displays may be in place for up to 4 weeks. Staff may schedule displays for shorter periods of time. All exhibits shall be set-up and removed on the dates determined by the Library.
  7. The Canal Fulton Public Library is not responsible for theft or damage of items in its exhibit areas. Insurance is the sole responsibility of the lender. All items placed in the library are done so at the owner’s risk. Any individual or organization providing materials for a display shall sign a form that releases the Library from any responsibility for loss or damage to works on display. If the individual is a minor, a parent or legal guardian shall sign the waiver.
  8. The Library will not sell items from the display case, nor will selling prices be displayed.
  9. Individuals and organizations providing materials for displays may be acknowledged with a sign, not larger than 3” x 5” indicating “Materials in this display are provided by (name of person or organization).”

Display Case Application Form