Internet Use Policy

Amended  – 4/18/2012

Canal Fulton Library offers free access to the internet and other electronic resources to fill our mission of providing the informational and recreational needs of our community.  Patrons using the library’s public computers can visit sites anywhere on the internet for free.  Our public computers also have the ability to play DVDs and burn CDs.   Please note:  The library cannot control and is not responsible for the accuracy or content of information gathered over the Internet.


  • Library public computers are not to be used for illegal purposes. Any violation of copyright or attempts to gain unauthorized access to any facility is strictly prohibited.
  • Users may not use their own software on public computers.
  • Users may not display graphics that might reasonably be considered obscene.
  • Users with outstanding fines/outstanding items totaling over $25.00 are not eligible for internet access until the amount is brought under the $25.00 limit.
  • Public computers are available for 165 minutes per day.
  • Public computers on the Adult floor are for use by young adults (ages 13 +) and by adults only.
    • Public computers on the Adult floor are filtered for obscene/objectionable material.
  • Public Computers in the Children’s room are restricted to use by children up through age 12.
    • Public computers in the Children’s room are filtered for obscene/objectionable material, social networking (MySpace, Facebook), etc.

User Responsibilities

  • All users must enter their Canal Fulton Library card number and PIN.
  • A current Canal Fulton Library card in good standing (Amount owed must be less than $25.00)
  • Library patrons copying any materials on library machines are solely and fully responsible for using the materials in compliance with relevant copyright law.

For Students Under the Age of 17:

  • All patrons under the age of 17 will receive internet permission automatically to use the public computers when their parent signs them up for a library card. If parents wish to deny internet access to their children under the age of 17 they must fill out a Denial of Internet Access Form.
  • If you need a Canal Fulton Library card, you must present a form of identification, such as a current driver’s license or a piece of mail with your current address, and fill out a Library Card Application form.
  • Patrons will then need to present their library card and PIN each time to use a public computer.

Loss of Privileges will result if you:

  • Display obscene materials at the terminal
  • Misrepresent yourself when signing in for Internet access.
  • Display loud and disruptive behavior at the terminals