Introducing the Digitization Station

Do you have old home videos that you are worried you won’t be able to access in the future? Would you like to be able to place old home videos on your phone, share them on social media, or store them in the cloud for safekeeping? You can now do all of those things with the Canal Fulton Public Library’s new Digitization Station!

The station is currently limited to digitizing VHS tapes or other devices that connect via RCA or S-Video connectors. Some record players, cassette players, and more also have RCA connectors and so can be digitized at the station as well!

To use the station, the technologically inclined can simply walk in and utilize it by themselves in the computer area. For those who require assistance, please ask a librarian or better yet schedule a “Book-A-Tech” meeting with Technology Manager Peter Klein. Call to schedule at 330-854-4148 or via email at