About The Library

The Canal Fulton Public Library has a rich historic past. The beginnings of the library can be traced to the efforts of former School District superintendents and the school’s Board of Trustees in 1937. The library began to take shape in a room of a Canal Fulton School while efforts to find a permanent location were periodically renewed. Finally in 1948, Canal Fulton residents Mr. and Mrs. George Muhlhauser financed the purchase and remodeling of a residence. Their initial contribution of $8,500 for the purchase of the home was followed by many contributions throughout the years, eventually totaling more than $45,000. The library began with a collection of 5,000 volumes at the 1949 dedication. With steady growth it was soon in need of an addition, which was constructed in 1958. The new addition, while allowing more room for books, also included a lower level social hall, which would eventually become the children’s department. The library continued growing and again was in need of expansion, which was undertaken in 1992 and again in 2003. The farmhouse, first built in 1879, received a complete renovation and an addition that doubled the library’s floor space.

Our Mission: to serve educational, cultural & social needs of our communities by providing access to materials, information technology and services.

Throughout the years the library received national attention for its diverse services and cutting edge collection that features items not usually found in other libraries. The library was an early adopter of both computer and video services years before they became mainstream in public libraries. Continuing that leading edge collection and service philosophy, the library has recently added e-readers, tablets, an automotive diagnostics device and an air quality tester. The library continues to have strong community support and strong leadership that have allowed it to grow and become an integral part of the community.

The vision of the Canal Fulton Public Library is rooted in our unique past, while being focused on the ever changing needs of the communities we serve.


Fact Sheet on Canal Fulton Public Library Finances December ~ This is the time of year that we prepare the appropriations proposal (our working budget) for the board to review and approve at the January board meeting. Here is a thumbnail sketch explaining the Library’s finances: sketch of where Canal Fulton Public Library gets its funds:

  • Ohio PLF (Public Library Fund)
  • 1 Mill continuing local operating levy approved in 2005
  • 1 Mill continuing local operating levy approved in 2013
  • Donations, fines, copier fees