Strategic Plan


The Strategic Planning Report for 2022 – 2024



Based on evaluating statistical data about the library and community, reviewing community survey results, and conducting focus groups for Library Board members and the community, this report provides recommendations for Canal Fulton Public Library’s next strategic plan. Four library service areas are suggested using a modified version of Sandra Nelson’s Strategic Planning for Results process.

The service responses are only recommendations based on the information presented to the consultant. Institutional and community knowledge from the Board of Trustees and library management will be crucial in making final decisions to lead the library’s strategic plan in the positive, forward moving direction.

Recommendations for potential partners are suggestions based on cumulative data assessed by the consultant, trends in similar libraries around Ohio, and local research performed by the consultant. Any questions and additional discussion regarding partnerships and programs are welcomed by the consultant.

Research collected to assist in selecting library service responses include:·

  • State Library of Ohio Statistics
  • Community Survey
  • Focus Groups

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or for further conversation about the enclosed recommendations.I would be happy to discuss potential partnerships or provide other contacts to libraries that are doing similar initiatives across the state.

Erin Kelsey

Library Consultant, Library Programs and Development State Library of Ohio