Political Activity, Petitioning, & Surveying Policy

The Canal Fulton Public Library serves as an information resource center for the entire community and seeks to provide information to all area residents on a wide variety of political issues, candidates, etc. The following policy has been adopted to avoid the appearance of an endorsement by the library of: 1) any candidate for office 2) a particular stance on any political, economic, religious, or social issue appearing on the ballot, (with the exception of library issues):


  • The library will provide space for campaign literature or position papers in the carpeted vestibule off the rear parking lot (the display case area) for distribution and informational purposes.
  • The library will make campaign literature available from any and all candidates or issues, but will make no claim to the accuracy of the information provided.
  • It is the responsibility of the candidate, not the library, to ensure that an adequate supply of literature is available for distribution.
  • Those wishing to distribute literature must submit the literature to the Director for approval.
  • The Library Director shall have the final decision on the arrangement and appropriateness of all campaign literature and position papers.
  • No petitions, solicitations, or surveys will be circulated or posted on library property.
  • Public presentations by individual candidates, or supporters/opponents of a ballot issue will not be held on library property.
  • The library may not be used as a campaign headquarters or meeting site for campaign committees.
  • As paid representatives of the library, it is understood that CFPL staff members have an obligation to maintain the political neutrality of the organization, and as a consequence will refrain from any active or passive campaign activities while on work time and while on library property.