Records Retention Policy

The Canal Fulton Public Library like other public entities in the State of Ohio must retain records from year to year. Although the Ohio Revised Code does not set guidelines for libraries, the CFPL Board of Trustees adopts the following policy for record retention:

The Financial Officer will prepare a list of records to be disposed following the completion of a state audit. The Board of Trustees will approve the list prior to disposal. The list shall become an exhibit to the minutes of the board.  The list will be sent to the Ohio Historical Society for their approval before disposal as required by the Open Records Act.

Records shall fall into two categories: Permanent and Non–Permanent. Retention of records may be in the form of electronic media, print, or tape. The following list shows the retention period of specific records.


  • Annual Financial Report to State Library
  • Audit Reports
  • Board Minutes
  • Board Policy Files
  • Budget – Part of Minutes
  • Building Specifications
  • Capital Outlay Files
  • Director’s Monthly Report
  • Donation Records – Monetary and Non–Monetary
  • Historical Files
  • PERS Records
  • Personnel & Payroll Records, Timesheets
  • Treasurer’s Report–to Board – Part of Minutes
  • MSDS Records
  • Employee Personnel Files-Including Leave Requests (sick and vacation, W-2, w-4, I-9, Workers Compensation claims, Emergency Contact Forms

Non Permanent Records

Record Type and Title Retention Period
Bids – Successful 3 years after expiration of contract
Bids – Unsuccessful 3 years provided audited
Contracts, Leases, Grants 3 years after expiration
Insurance Policies/Bonds 2 years after expiration provided all claims settled
Employee Files:
Accident Report/Incident 3 fiscal years provided audited
Employment Applications 1 year if not hired
Accounts Payable Ledger 3 years provided audited
Appropriation Ledger 3 years provided audited
Bank Deposit Receipts 3 years provided audited
Bank Statements 3 years provided audited
Budgets (Annual) 5 years provided audited
Canceled checks 3 years provided audited
Cash Journals 3 years provided audited
Check Registers 3 years provided audited
Depository Agreements Until superseded/audited
Financial Reports (To UMI) 25 years
Invoices 3 years provided audited
Payroll Bank Statements 3 years provided audited
Petty Cash Records 3 years provided audited
Purchase Orders 3 years provided audited
Receipt Journals 3 years provided audited
Time Sheets 3 years provided audited
Travel Expense Vouchers 3 years provided audited
 End of Year 10 years after audited
Claims And Litigation Records 10 years after case is closed & appeals are exhausted
Non-Permanent Records
Book inventories Until superseded
Circulation/Patron Records 1 Day after materials are returned
Interlibrary Loan Records 7 days after materials are returned unless there are financial implications
Lost Book Records Once paid for, retained for six months in patron history
Collection agency 7 years if unpaid
Bulletins 30 days after obsolescence
Correspondence (Executive)
Form Files Until expiration
Inventories Until superseded
Job Descriptions Until superseded or classification abolished