NORTHSTAR Digital Literacy

It’s a new year and now could be the time to improve your digital literacy skills!

We’re happy to share our new service called Northstar Digital Literacy which provides a suite of tools that includes assessments, and training modules on essential digital skills. Northstar Digital Literacy is a self-directed assessment and learning tool that covers a variety of technology scenarios. It comes complete with short lessons and practice exercises to improve skills on a number of common computer topics. The Northstar resource is available 24×7 on the Library webpage, and Library staff are available to help with the resource during regular hours.

Not only does Northstar include assessments and training modules on some of the expected skills such as Internet Basics & Using Email, but also assessments to learn to use Windows and Mac operating systems. For more available resources or to sign up today, view our Northstar webpage

Once you’ve taken an assessment you’ll find out where you may need some additional training. Or if you have the skills mastered, you can show them off on your resume or to your current employer. You can receive a certification of these skills by scheduling an appointment for a proctored testing time.

Schedule your appointment by sending us an email and we will contact you to answer any questions you may have. 

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